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Another Week of Cross-Stitching

I know these posts are boring, but I do like to post every week. Since this is what I'm doing, this is what you get to read.

Here was the state of the picture last week:
Windswept Santa-week 5

Here it is this week:
Windswept Santa - week 6

I finished the cross-stitches and half cross-stitches yesterday and did a fair bit of the backstitching and French knots and the like that the instructions call "details" and I call "outlining." There's a lot left on the outlining, but I'm pleased with how it looks so far. It's amazing how much better it looks with the edges outlined.

Beside cross-stitching, I've been working on Hallowe'en costumes for the children. Since I'm just at the cutting stage, there's nothing to show. I also started a Christmas ornament for one of the girls while I was at a needlework circle on Saturday. It was a lot more portable than the floor stand I'm using for the cross-stitching. I've knit a few rows of my miser's purse too.

Knitting Resources

This is a fabulous list of period knitting books. http://bookworm1860.blogspot.com/2012/02/19th-century-knitting-sources-online.html?fref=gc&dti=176034119267057

I will look forward to poking around in it.

Another Boring Update

I'm still working on my cross-stitching piece.

This was last week:
Windswept Santa - week 4

Here is this week's progress:
Windswept Santa-week 5

I finished off the last bit at the top, shifted the frame, and did the part of the robes that are on this side of the pattern.

On Saturday I spent a couple of hours working on my miser's purse, and the children and I picked out Hallowe'en costume fabrics on Friday. I've started cutting their costumes out, but since I won't have a sewing machine available for three weeks, I'm not in a huge rush.

Another Boring Update

I seem to have done more cross-stitching than I expected this week. The top half is nearly finished.

Last week:
Windswept Santa - Week 3

This week:
Windswept Santa - week 4

Some day I'll have all my things about me again and can do something that might be interesting to someone else.

Weekly Progress Report

I nearly finished the cap I was making. I had cut two sets of ruffles, but in looking at it with one set, I think I'm going to skip the other set. I still need to thread in the drawstrings, but I don't seem to have any tapestry needles with me so it will have to wait until all my stuff is available.

Then I might have spent almost all day Saturday cross-stitching. Here's where it stood Friday:
"Windswept Santa" week 2

Here's where it stands now:
Windswept Santa - Week 3

I did a little Friday night and last night, but most of it was Saturday.

Slow and Steady

I’ve been quiet because I started another cross-stitching project. I’m not a daily poster by any means, but I do like to post weekly. Unfortunately, cross-stitching updates are about like beading updates or knitting updates – “Hey, I did some more but it doesn’t look much different.” Maybe a week is long enough to make it seem like more is happening.

Here’s the state of the picture after the first weekend:
"Windswept Santa" week 1

And here it is after the second weekend and intervening week:
"Windswept Santa" week 2

I’m planning to spend the next week or so putting together an 18th century cap that I cut out in June of last year, and then I’ll be back to cross-stitching until it’s time to make the children’s Hallowe’en costumes. Unfortunately, I don’t expect to be able to do much costuming until November at best, and it may be after New Year’s.

Pinball Progress

I finished knitting the second side of my current pinball.

Flowering Branch Pinball

I'll have to wait until my wool batting is out of storage before I make it up, but the vast majority of the work is finished.

I have the thread to make one more, but I'm not feeling any urge to so I started on a new cross-stitch piece. I can take breaks from it working on my cap, but since I don't usually feel like cross-stitching, I ought to take advantage of the urge while it lasts.

Take Two

Since the beading cord did not work for the 17th century garters I want, I bought something else. This is a lace-weight 100% silk yarn.

Silk Yarns

It looks a good deal thicker than the beading cord, but it's got more fluffiness to it. I haven't gauged it yet to see if it knits up to the gauge of the original garters, and I'm not allowed to until I finish the knitting for the pinball that I'm working on now. Twenty-eight rows to go. At that, I probably won't start them right away since I've got an early 19th century long (miser's) purse in progress right now. It's using the beading cord that was unsatisfactory for garters but perfectly satisfactory for purses!

Just Not Sure

I finished my Williamsburg cross-stitching project yesterday. I'm really glad to have it out of my stash, but I'm not sure how much I like the finished product.

A Palace Illumination

I'm just not sure whether I want it hanging on my wall. After we're in the new house, I'll have to look around and see if there's a place it would do well. Otherwise, I'll be giving it away.

Cross-Stitching is Not Good for Posting

I'm posting more for the sake of posting than because I have anything particular to say. After I finished the first side of a pinball two weeks ago, I started a new cross-stitch piece, and there's really not much to say about cross-stitching. I've worked on it a fair bit, and I'm about a third of the way finished with it. It has a lot of blank squares so it's going really fast. At this rate, I'll finish it in about four more weeks, and then I'm planning to get back to pinball knitting.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know I'm around and reading, just not doing anything very exciting.


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