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George Washington Ball Pictures

I got a few pictures of myself in my new 1760's embroidered sacque a couple of weeks ago. I was very happy with how the dress came out and also very pleased with how my hair came out. I have a lot of trouble with hair, but this came out really well. Actually, the set behaved itself very nicely for several days.


More pictures behind the cutCollapse )

I had a wonderful time at the ball. I danced most of the dances, I had a good time with friends, and I got lots of compliments on my dress.


I've been doing a lot more reading than sewing the past couple of weeks, mostly rereading things more or less at random off my shelves. My justification in keeping all these books is that I thought I'd like to reread them someday so someday seems to be now, at least for a handful of them. I've also been slowly working my way through Fashion Prints in the Age of Louis XIV, which isn't really what I thought it was. I thought it would be mostly about the fashions in the prints, but it turns out to be a series of essays on the prints, the first half of which, at least, are about the prints' context in society rather than the fashions depicted in them. The one I'm on right now is by someone who clearly wants to show that he has a large vocabulary and knows how to use it.

Last night I did iron a piece of voile and trace the embroidery pattern on one skirt panel for a late 1790's dress. I had an all-day headache and really didn't have any more in me than that. Hopefully I'll start the embroidery tonight. I'm really not sure how long this project will take, but I would like to think it will be done by the end of June.

First Garter

I finished knitting my first 17th century garter. The stitches look a lot more even after I stretched and steamed it. I will still need to do the tassels and yarn-wrapped beads, but I'm going to knit the second garter first.

17th Century Garter before Tassels

Here's the inspiration piece again.
17th Century Garter before Tassels

I weighed the ball of yarn after I started the second one, and it looks like I have 21g or 22g left out of a 50g ball so I will have to buy more yarn to finish the project. Ah well.

Early 1860's Bonnet

I've been making an early 1860's bonnet lately. I've had the dress and all for a few years now but had never made a bonnet. My knitted rigolette is fine for winter (and fun to wear with all the pom-poms), but I wanted a bonnet to really finish the look. I've got the bonnet finished except for trimming, and I'm pretty pleased with it.

1860s Bonnet Front Untrimmed

1860s Bonnet Side Untrimmed

Now I wonder whether [personal profile] elizabeth_mn is still willing to trim it...


New Dress

I wore my new 1940's dress today. It's wool jersey and made following the Vintage Vogue 8728 pattern. Since it was a knit, I left out the fastening at the side, which made this a really fast project. I cut it out during the Super Bowl and hemmed it the following Thursday. I added thread loops for a belt on Friday since it looks like a sack without a belt. With a belt I think it's reasonably cute. The whole project took six days.

1946 Dress (V8728)

As usual I shortened it by 0.75" between the armscye and the waist seam. I cut a straight 12, but I probably should have cut a 10. Either the finished garment measurements on the tissue are wrong or I can't measure myself. I wouldn't be surprised at either one!

Stays Pictures

I finally too decent pictures of my new stays on me. I tried the other day, but somehow my camera was on manual focus, and they were all blurry. Of course, by the time I looked at them on my computer instead of the tiny camera screen, I had taken off the stays. This is better.

I'm really pleased with them.

1740s Stays - Front

1740s Stays - Side

1740s Stays - Back

The boning channels are machine-sewn, but everything else is hand-sewn. Rough on the fingers, but very satisfying.


It's finished!

1760’s Sacque

Pictures of it on me some time later, possibly next month.

Here's the gown from the Mint Museum that I used as my main inspiration. I was really excited that I was able to find a dress with similarly spaced embroidered flowers and trim that indicated it was made from embroidered yardage.

Home Stretch

I finished the petticoat yesterday afternoon and the sacque last night. I have the trim pinned on the stomacher and should get it sewn on tonight. Then I just have one more lace sleeve flounce to bind and baste in to finish the whole project. So close!

Yesterday afternoon I made curtains for little windows in our house that won't get blinds. That's work, not fun, right?

1919 Slipover

I wore my 1919 slipover again and got my husband to take pictures. They're not great, but they were the best I was going to get. He is definitely not into taking pictures of my needlework projects.

1919 Slipover - Front

1919 Slipover - Back

Structurally Complete

It still needs trim, but my gown and petticoat are structurally finished.

1760’s sacque - playing with trim

1760’s Sacque before trim -  back

The blue ribbon is where I'm playing with the trim layout. It will be all self-trim. That's going to take a bit because I'm putting Fray Check on all the cut edges since the fabric is a bit prone to fraying. I've been sealing each edge as soon as it's cut so I have to wait half an hour between cutting the two sides of a strip. Fortunately, I've had lace to piece for the engageantes in between cutting out trim. Once that runs out, I'll be able to start applying the first strips while waiting for more to dry.


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